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83 1 2002

21,454 male participants enrolled in the U.S. Physicians’ Health Study, followed for an average of 17 years. Most dramatic relationship between survival with any food was nut consumption.

Compared with men who rarely or never consumed nuts, those who consumed nuts 2 or more times per week had a 47% lower risk (nearly half the risk) of sudden cardiac death and a 30% lower risk of total coronary heart disease death. (70% of risk for total coronary heart disease).

Nuts and seeds had anti-arrhythmic and anti-seizure effect associated with 60% reduction in sudden cardiac death.

This pattern of benefit on coronary heart disease end points suggests that at least part of the effect of nut consumption on sudden cardiac death may be due to a reduction in fatal ventricular arrhythmias. "consumption of nuts powerfully reduces the chance of having a life-threatening cardiac arrhythmia called ventricular fibrillation or ventricular tachycardia. (People who have heart disease do not always die of heart attacks; they die of an irregular heartbeat that prevents the heart from pumping properly.) Removing nuts and seeds from one’s diet may actually increase the risk of one of these fatal rhythm disturbances."

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302 2 2006

U or J phenomenon of mortality;

pulse pressure increased by medications - normal is 40 or less

reduced diastolic associated with heart attacks.

diastolic below 60 had 3x the heart attack rate and dramatically increases risk of irregular heart beat

beta blockers increase stroke risk and overall mortality

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572 3 2006

Meta-analysis and brachial artery tests consistently show that as vegetable portions per day increase, intra-vascular inflammation decreases and elasticity and function improves, reducing heart attack and stroke risk. Best predictor of heart disease and stroke is fruit and vegetable consumption.

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577 4 2006

Nurses Study: The RR of type 2 diabetes for substituting 1 serving potatoes/d for 1 serving whole grains/d was 1.30 (substituting a whole grain for a serving of potato a day lowered by almost 30 percent)

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672 5 2008

Hospitalizations for heart failure increased 23% for those with higher intake of eggs. 16% higher risk of hospitalization for higher intake of daily fat

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673 6 2009

Greens needed to activate NRF2 proteins (transcription factors), which prevents plaque adhesion--makes slippery. highest level of blood lutein have healthiest blood vessels with no atherosclerosis; (lutein level mostly a research tool.)

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