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302 1 2006

U or J phenomenon of mortality;

pulse pressure increased by medications - normal is 40 or less

reduced diastolic associated with heart attacks.

diastolic below 60 had 3x the heart attack rate and dramatically increases risk of irregular heart beat

beta blockers increase stroke risk and overall mortality

Certificate in Plant-based Nutrition, McDougall Lecture, Getaway2011, important, Ti Sano 2013
565 2 2002

13 countries studied; cancer deaths per 100,000 people; Cancer rates increased

Getaway2011, Ti Sano 2013
566 3 2010

In mammals, lower metabolic rate related to lifespan; 90+ have lower levels of T4 (active thyroid hormone)

568 4 2010

Differentiate toxic hunger from true hunger. (most texts fail to do this.) Two types of addiction: detoxification/withdrawal; pain from not getting high dopamine surge. Toxic withdrawal symptoms such as headaches, tremors, stomach cramps, and mood changes, reduced on high-nutrient diet. "Our contention is that during the catabolic phase of the digestion and refeeding cycle, when digestive activities cease, these withdrawal symptoms, misperceived as "hunger", develop from a diet that is inadequate or poor in micronutrients. We call these symptoms "toxic hunger". It is our clinical experience that such withdrawal symptoms drive overeating behavior and are a major factor leading to obesity."
1. Sensation in your throat
2. Increased salivation
3. Dramatically heightened taste sensation

569 5 1998

The wheat bran supplement increased fecal bulk. On the resistant starch phases, the mean fecal butyrate:SCFA ratio, which has been suggested to have positive implications for colonic health, was significantly above the low-fiber control

Getaway2010, Getaway2011
570 6 1995

the insulin response curve area was significantly lower in all subjects after amylose consumption. Fasting triglyceride concentrations were significantly lower in subjects who consumed the high-amylose compared with the standard-starch diet.

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571 7 2006

brachial artery vasodilation tests' intra-vascular inflammation decreases as vegetable portions increase. The risk of CHD was decreased by 4% for each additional portion per day of fruit and vegetable intake and by 7% for fruit intake.

CVD, Getaway2010, Getaway2011
572 8 2006

Meta-analysis and brachial artery tests consistently show that as vegetable portions per day increase, intra-vascular inflammation decreases and elasticity and function improves, reducing heart attack and stroke risk. Best predictor of heart disease and stroke is fruit and vegetable consumption.

Getaway2010, Getaway2011, important
573 9 2001

Those with highest blood levels of lutein had the healthiest blood vessels, with no atherosclerosis. (Lutein an indicator of green vegetable consumption.)

CVD, Getaway2010, Getaway2011
574 10 2007
Wiysonge CS, Bradley H, Mayosi BM, Maroney R, Mbewu A, Opie LH, et al. Beta-blockers for hypertension. Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 2007;(1):CD002003. Abstract

Cochrane database of systematic reviews: beta blockers increase stroke risk and overall mortality

575 11 2006

Beta blockers increase glucose intolerance and predispose to and worsen diabetes. Pseudo-anti-hypertensive effects; Systolic (higher number, goes up when heart pumps - we want this to be naturally low) and diastolic blood pressures (lower number, when heart relaxes; blood vessel should come in, making this number higher. but medication lower both systolic and diastolic, promoting irregular heart beat. Widened pulse pressure also predicts a higher risk of subsequent cardiovascular events, stroke, renal disease, heart failure, and mortality, particularly in the elderly.

CVD, Getaway2011, Ti Sano 2013
576 12 2003

Offspring study of Framingham heart study. "Urinary markers of oxidative stress found to correlate well with BMI diabetes, blood glucose and heart disease; low micronutrient eating promotes an inflammatory cascade underlying most disease that plague the modern world; excess calories, fat deposition and inadequate phytonutrients create a nation of cardiovascular-diseased individuals."

CVD, Diabetes, Getaway2010, Getaway2011
577 13 2006

Nurses Study: The RR of type 2 diabetes for substituting 1 serving potatoes/d for 1 serving whole grains/d was 1.30 (substituting a whole grain for a serving of potato a day lowered by almost 30 percent)

Diabetes, Getaway2010, Getaway2011, important
578 14 2009

Men consuming 7 or more eggs per week are 58% more likely to develop type-2 diabetes and women are 77% more likely. Men with diabetes who ate any eggs at all were twice as likely to die in the 20 year period. The researchers are not sure which component of the egg is to blame; however suggestive evidence was present for increased risk of heart attack and stroke.

Diabetes, Getaway2010, Getaway2011, Ti Sano 2013
579 15 2010

higher levels of vitamin D associated with less systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE); supplementation a good method.

580 16 2010

Sulforaphane(SFN, an ITC) inhibits synovial hyperplasia (joint swelling); inhibits T-cell proliferation; Inhibits inflammatory cytokines (IL-17 and TNF alpha from T-Cells; Less signalling

581 17 2007

2+ times greater risk of serious infections

582 18 2007

EPA can reduce inflammation;

583 19 2001

long-lasting benefit; water-only, "followed by a vegetarian diet" The pooling of these studies showed a statistically and clinically significant beneficial long-term effect.

584 20 2000

Fish Oil (EPA), Vitamin D, food allergy elimination diets

Getaway2011, Ti Sano 2013
585 21 1999

3.74 times the risk of developing cancer; Higher risk, the longer the exposure.

a, Getaway2011
586 22 1997
587 23 1996
588 24 1996
589 25 1992
590 26 1992

Chronic energy intake restriction (CEIR) improve symptoms, blood markers, survival, and activity of suppressor T-Cells

591 27 2009
592 28 2010

Over 1000 people tracked; 5 or more days/ week: 46% fewer infections; milder infections when sick; 41 percent less sick days.

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593 29 2005

IGF-1 increases in response to exercise; does not raise circulation or systemic IGF-1 (unless animal protein is consumed)

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594 30 1995

Prospective cohort study. Over 17,000 men followed for 26 years. Those that exercised vigorous lived the longest. Walks not good enough. Jump, and hang. Hang upside down; Exercise intensity matters

Fall Weekend Immersion 2011, Getaway2011, Ti Sano 2013
595 31 1994
Baron S, Rinsky R. NIOSH mortality study of NFL football players: 1959-1988. Cincinnati, OH: Centers for Disease Control, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. 1994:88-085.

Mortality study of 6,848 professional football players. Large football players -> twice the risk of early cardiac death (half dead before age 50.) 10 of 600 athletes on the 1964 East German Olympic Team is alive today. Players with largest BMI (muscle) had 6x the early death compared with those with the lowest BMI.

Fall Weekend Immersion 2011, Getaway2010, Getaway2011, Ti Sano 2013
596 32 2004

7 - 8% reduction in mortality for every 20 gram increase in daily legume intake. (20 gms is about 3/4 of an ounce)

Fall Weekend Immersion 2011, Getaway2011, Ti Sano 2013, NET
597 33 2001

12 year study, published in 2001 Archives of Internal Medicine; Longest life was in vegans who ate nuts and seeds, flexitarians who ate nuts and seeds. non-nut-eating vegans lived less long than nut-eating non-vegans.

598 34 2010

No flu vaccine had significant effect in reducing risk of complications of influenza among healthy adults; widespread manipulation of data; exposure to mercury. No evidence of vaccine efficacy. Widespread manipulation of the conclusions in vaccine manufacturer-funded studies. In children under the age of two, the effectiveness of the vaccine was similar to placebo.

Getaway2011, Super Immunity Ch 2, Vaccines, Super Immunity
599 35 2008

Cruciferous vegetable (Chinese cabbage, bok choy, turnips) intake consistent with high isothiocyanate exposure may reduce breast cancer risk. Cruciferous vegetable intake also may ameliorate the effects of the GSTP1 genotype (which predisposes people to breast cancer). Subjects reporting greater turnip and Chinese cabbage intakes had a significantly lower postmenopausal breast cancer risk (half as much cancer). Women with the GSTP1 Val/Val genotype and low cruciferous vegetable intake had a breast cancer risk 1.74-fold that of women with the Ile/Ile or Ile/Val genotype. This effect of low cruciferous vegetable intake and the Val/Val genotype was seen predominantly among premenopausal women.

Half the cancer with higher intake.

Cancer, Getaway2010, Getaway2011
600 36 2011

Those with the highest alpha-carotene had a 39% decrease in risk of death compared to those with the lowest. Tracked over a 14-year follow-up period

Getaway2011, Super Immunity
601 37 2009

Intake of mushrooms decreased the risk of breast cancer by 64%. Mushrooms are aromatase inhibitors, which detoxify estrogens.

Getaway2010, Getaway2011, Getaway2012, Ti Sano 2013, VegSource Healthy Lifestyle Expo 2009
602 38 2006
603 39 2006

Reductions among highest consumers of onions:
Colon cancer: 56%
Ovarian cancer: 73%
Esophogeal Cancer: 88%
Prostate Cancer: 71%
Stomach Cancer: 50%
Pharynx and Oral cancer: 84%

Getaway2011, Ti Sano 2013
604 40 2009

higher fish intake and DHA levels decrease breast cancer incidence by 50%?

Cancer, Getaway2010, Getaway2011
605 41 2006

71 countries studied
Increase Risk: Animal food, animal fat, milk, sugar, alcohol, stimulants;
Decrease Risk: sunshine, onions, soybeans, beans, (green veggies)

DPYCCH01, Getaway2010, Getaway2011, Getaway2012, Ti Sano 2013, Disease-Proof Your Child
606 42 2002

Frequent consumption of tomato products is associated with a lower risk of prostate cancer. The magnitude of the association is moderate and could easily be missed in a small study.

Cancer, Getaway2010, Getaway2011, Getaway2012
607 43 2008

Will men adhere to tomato intervention? Prostate cancer patients will consume diets rich in tomato products and soy with excellent compliance and bioavailability of phytochemicals.

Cancer, Getaway2010, Getaway2011, Getaway2012, Ti Sano 2013
624 44 1986
625 45 2011
626 46 2011
627 47 2010
628 48 2009
Boyle P, Boffetta P. Alcohol consumption and breast cancer risk. Breast Cancer Res. 2009;11 Suppl 3:S3.
629 49 2008

78% increased risk of all-cause mortality in the lowest quartile. Also, too much Vitamin D raises risk. (50% reduced risk of breast cancer. Dr. Fuhrman recommends 35 - 45 range. 2000/Day RDI is 400.)

Cancer, Getaway2010, Getaway2011
630 50 2008
631 51 2004
672 52 2008

Hospitalizations for heart failure increased 23% for those with higher intake of eggs. 16% higher risk of hospitalization for higher intake of daily fat

CVD, eggs, Getaway2010, Getaway2011, important
673 53 2009

Greens needed to activate NRF2 proteins (transcription factors), which prevents plaque adhesion--makes slippery. highest level of blood lutein have healthiest blood vessels with no atherosclerosis; (lutein level mostly a research tool.)

CVD, Getaway2010, Getaway2011, important, Ti Sano 2013
680 54 2002
CVD, Getaway2010, Getaway2011, NET
699 55 2003

NRF-2 proteins are transcription factors that bind to, and active the ARE segments of genes. (These are cellular segments in DNA that produce protein that sucks free radicals out of tissue, more effectively than antioxidant. NRF-2 becomes activated (a normal function) when we eat green vegetables supplying ITCs. When we don't eat cruciferous greens the most important natural defense systems in the cell does not function.

Cancer, Getaway2011, Ti Sano 2013, NET
759 56 2010

30% reduction in prostate cancer occurrence with those in the highest quartile of DHA intake. among those diagnosed at an early stage, men with the highest zinc intake (15 mg or more) were 74% less likely to die of prostate cancer. Zinc is low on a vegan diet, with low bioavailability. Zinc supplementation and half the mortality rate.

Cancer, Getaway2010, Getaway2011
881 57 2010

White rice increased breast cancer risk (19% increase in risk per 100 g per day); wild brown/black rice decreased risk (24% decrease per 100g per day

Getaway2011, Ti Sano 2013
882 58 1989

inverse association between serum cholesterol and the risk of intracerebral hemorrhage. (High salt diet facilitates stroke.)

Getaway2011, Stroke