Does a vegetarian diet reduce the occurrence of diabetes?


half the rate of diabetes and obesity among vegetarians

TitleDoes a vegetarian diet reduce the occurrence of diabetes?
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1985
AuthorsSnowdon DA, Phillips RL
JournalAmerican journal of public health
Date Published1985 May
KeywordsAdult, Aged, Body Weight, Death Certificates, Diabetes Mellitus, Type 2, Diet, Vegetarian, Epidemiologic Methods, Female, Humans, Male, Meat, Middle Aged, Questionnaires, Regression Analysis, Religion and Medicine, Risk, Sex Factors, United States

We propose the hypothesis that a vegetarian diet reduces the risk of developing diabetes. Findings that have generated this hypothesis are from a population of 25,698 adult White Seventh-day Adventists identified in 1960. During 21 years of follow-up, the risk of diabetes as an underlying cause of death in Adventists was approximately one-half the risk for all US Whites. Within the male Adventist population, vegetarians had a substantially lower risk than non-vegetarians of diabetes as an underlying or contributing cause of death. Within both the male and female Adventist populations, the prevalence of self-reported diabetes also was lower in vegetarians than in non-vegetarians. The associations observed between diabetes and meat consumption were apparently not due to confounding by over- or under-weight, other selected dietary factors, or physical activity. All of the associations between meat consumption and diabetes were stronger in males than in females.

Alternate JournalAm J Public Health
PubMed ID3985239
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