Diet, Nutrition, and Cancer


Expert panel, deliberating on relationship between diet and cancer; Recommended keeping fats to 30% of calories Recommended using fruits and vegetables, not dietary supplements. Did not find conclusive evidence that dietary fiber prevented colorectal cancer.

"The scientific data do not provide a strong basis for establishing fat intake at precisely 30 percent of total calories. Indeed, the data could be used to justify an even greater reduction."

The Harvard Nurses Study was launched as a result. Also, low-fat milk. Also led to explosion of nutrient supplements industry, despite warning.

NCI funded this paper. NCI began spending money on nutrient supplement studies. NS don't work. More than $1B spent on clinical trials.

Director of NCI went to Kellogg company, which began fortifying cereals with dietary fiber to reduce colon cancer risk.

TitleDiet, Nutrition, and Cancer
Publication TypeGovernment Report
Year of Publication1982
PublisherNational Academy Press
ISBN Number0309032806
Government Body

National Academy of Sciences; National Research Council (US); Commission on Life Sciences.

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