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571 1 2006

brachial artery vasodilation tests' intra-vascular inflammation decreases as vegetable portions increase. The risk of CHD was decreased by 4% for each additional portion per day of fruit and vegetable intake and by 7% for fruit intake.

CVD, Getaway2010, Getaway2011
573 2 2001

Those with highest blood levels of lutein had the healthiest blood vessels, with no atherosclerosis. (Lutein an indicator of green vegetable consumption.)

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575 3 2006

Beta blockers increase glucose intolerance and predispose to and worsen diabetes. Pseudo-anti-hypertensive effects; Systolic (higher number, goes up when heart pumps - we want this to be naturally low) and diastolic blood pressures (lower number, when heart relaxes; blood vessel should come in, making this number higher. but medication lower both systolic and diastolic, promoting irregular heart beat. Widened pulse pressure also predicts a higher risk of subsequent cardiovascular events, stroke, renal disease, heart failure, and mortality, particularly in the elderly.

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576 4 2003

Offspring study of Framingham heart study. "Urinary markers of oxidative stress found to correlate well with BMI diabetes, blood glucose and heart disease; low micronutrient eating promotes an inflammatory cascade underlying most disease that plague the modern world; excess calories, fat deposition and inadequate phytonutrients create a nation of cardiovascular-diseased individuals."

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672 5 2008

Hospitalizations for heart failure increased 23% for those with higher intake of eggs. 16% higher risk of hospitalization for higher intake of daily fat

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673 6 2009

Greens needed to activate NRF2 proteins (transcription factors), which prevents plaque adhesion--makes slippery. highest level of blood lutein have healthiest blood vessels with no atherosclerosis; (lutein level mostly a research tool.)

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680 7 2002
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777 8 2005

Up to 19% increase in the risk of heart failure in volunteers who took Vitamin E.

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778 9 1995
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779 10 1997
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780 11 2002
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782 12 2005

In a typical Mediterranean country, general outlines of Mediterranean diet are not completely followed, especially concerning total fats, SFA, PUFA and vitamins' intake.

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787 13 1990

CASS study: no difference in survivability between patients who had medicine + surgery, and just medicine (without surgery).

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788 14 2000

CASS Study follow-up: No better results 10 years after medicine+angioplasty than just medicine without angioplasty. The rate of survival was 86% 10 years after PTCA 9ANGIOPLASTY) compared with 85% after CABG (bypass) and 82% after medical treatment in patients from the CASS trial (p = NS). Survival free from myocardial infarction was 77% after coronary angioplasty, 70% after CABG, and 72% after medical treatment.

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801 15 1993
1420 16 2009

40% more likely to die if treated with sulphonylureas, plus 25% increased risk of congestive heart failure

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1421 17 2009
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1424 18 2010

Angiotensin-receptor blockers (ARBs) treat high blood pressure. Meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials found that ARBs significantly increased (8%) risk of new diagnosis of any cancer, and 25% increased risk of lung cancer. Also, increased rates of sudden cardiac death, death from heart attack and death from stroke.

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1425 19 2008

POISE (Perioperative Ischemic Evalatuion) trial conducted in 23 countries. 8351 patience randomized to meoprolol (beta-blocker) or placeba. After 30 days, mortality 3.1%, compared to 2.3. Also, double risk of stroke. Highly commented paper.

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1426 20 2007

no study has shown that beta-blocker therapy reduces death in hypertensive patients

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1427 21 2012

beta-blocker prescriptions do not extend lifespan

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1428 22 2007
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